About OutdoorChrisB

Hello world! From OutdoorChrisB!

Classic (sort of) blogging intro right!

I have spent most of my life in and loving the outdoors through a variety of types of adventures. In my interactions in daily living, no one who knows me ever seems to be surprised by another outdoor thing I am doing. My laundry list of outdoor adventures includes hiking, biking (road and mountain), backpacking, fly-fishing (trout), climbing, kayaking (whitewater and calm water), snorkeling, skiing (snow and water, though far less water skiing), snowshoeing, hunting, camping (summer and winter), mountaineering and a variety of back country adventures.

If you ask my wife she will probably say just wait another season and he’ll probably come up with something else to do. And there may be some truth to that. On my bucket list of things that I have not started but have hopes to learn include surfing, windsurfing, ocean snorkeling, salmon fishing, visiting glaciers around the world and visiting and returning to places like Alaska, always more of the Rockies and Appalachia, Greenland, New Zealand, Tibet (I’m a Mount Everest base camp hopeful), Asia, Canada, Patagonia and Europe.

A number of people have also asked me how I have learned to do an number of things relating to my outdoor experiences. A more recent example being how I built my removable 2 story climbing wall on the outside of my house with minimal damage to my house. Some outdoor sporting goods manufacturers and industry connections have also asked me to test products and give reviews and feedback on these products.

This blog will serve to help in sharing some of these outdoor adventures and experiences as well as be a central place for sharing reviews and information on various products and places. This blog may not become a huge repository as I have to get better at documenting the adventures as well as pause in them to post them here (and I’ve never really been very good at letter writing). I also don’t do this as my primary way of making a living so time is a limitation. At any rate, I hope that by sharing what I do, as a reader, you find three things: First, how to find ways to add more adventures in your life individually and with your loved ones. Second, the desire to create more adventures in you life, again, individually and with your loved ones. Third, I hope you too will find that life can be made richer through learning to respect, love, enjoy and share outdoor adventures in the creations God has made for all of us to enjoy. I have found that doing so can draw us closer together, and together, closer to God. May we all find these blessings to increase in life and the life we share with our loved ones.

All the best in your outdoor adventures!