December 2015

OutdoorChrisB Podcast ep2 Camp Chef 2 and 3 Burner Camp Stoves.mp3

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OutdoorChrisB Podcast Introduction

OutdoorChrisB Podcast Introduction Here the podcast for OutdoorChrisB is introduced including why I decided to start doing podcasts and what I hope to offer in podcasting. Hello, this is Chris from OutdoorChrisB and we are going to start doing some… Continue Reading →

Yellowstone 2015 Trip Part 1 – Cave Falls

Yellowstone 2015 Trip Part 1 Cave Falls Each year we take a fishing trip to Yellowstone.  Due to it’s accessibility to the various areas of Yellowstone, Island Park and the Tetons, we typically  stay in the small farming town of… Continue Reading →

Tribe One Jungle Cord Review

Tribe One Jungle Cord Review The Tribe One Jungle Cord is a unique new concept on bungee cords.  Most bungee cords are quite limited in terms that users need to stretch the cord enough to create tension so that whatever… Continue Reading →

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